44 year old Lekan Shonde, who is alleged to have killed his wife, Ronke Bewaji Shonde, now appears to have been abandoned by his family and friends to his fate

  Lekan is in the custody of the police at the Panti headquarters of the State Criminal Inves­tigation Department of the Lagos State Police Command.Sunday Sun gathered from sources that no one from the Shonde family had come to visit him. The 
only visitors were the slain wife’s Bewaji family and the couple’s children. The source also expressed concern that one-sided information was being put out when the autop­sy report had not determined the cause of death of the deceased.
Lekan Shonde allegedly fought with his wife penultimate Thursday night and bolted away. Her corpse was found lying on the floor on Friday morning, by the family nanny when she came to resume work for the day, and met the children crying and saying that they could not wake up their mother.
The result of Ronke’s autopsy is being awaited while Shonde is being held in police custody.


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