A student In Central University Accra Ghana Attempts Suicide This Evening 

A student of Central University Accra Ghana was spotted standing on the roof top of one of the four story buildings in the school compound in an attempt to commit suicide this evening.
   A witness who first saw him quickly alerted the security guards who went to stop the boy from jumping off the building. The guards interrogated him and found out his name is Victor Jerry a Nigerian studying Human resource management in the institution and in his 200level. We further found out that he is an EX student of Kwame Nkurumah University located in Kumasi Ghana, where he spent 2 years without progress and later left to join Central University still having the same low grade issue. According to our source. ” i was in class studying for my exams tomorrow when I heard someone talking loudly disturbing my concentration. I stepped out to know who it was and let him know he was disturbing when i spotted him standing at the edge of the block F roof top faced backwards and was talking on the phone about his low grades and that he’d  rather end his life than graduate with a third class result” 

The issue is still being settled by the school security 


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