My trip from Accra to Lagos by road using GUO public transport 

I feel very happy narrating my experience on my journey from Accra Ghana to Lagos Nigeria by road. It was my first time and i was having a doubtful feeling that the trip would be very boring since its a 9hr 25mins journey. I chose GUO public transport because of how reliable and how fast they are compared to other transports and also how reliable they are. I booked for a ticket which was 190GHS per person.The date was set for the 22nd of January 2017. I and maro sota were already at the station where we were asked to wait at Tema roundabout for the bus to pick us up. We waited for about an hour because the bus was coming from the main station in Accra. We boarded the bus and by 6:05am we took off. We were offered food white rice and stew with chicken and a plastic bottle water. The AC on the bus took me off and i found myself sleeping really comfortable🤗. By 8:51am we were already at Aflao-Togo border. Our passports were taken from us and were given to the immigration officers to stamp on them. We were not really delayed. We waited for about 10mins after which, we were released to go. I nd maro managed to take a picture at the border because we were told that taking pictures at the border was not allowed and that our phones will taken away from us if we are caught. Lol. While waiting, traders came in to advertise their products. Some passengers bought while some like me felt it was too expensive and i will get it cheaper at the next border. Lol. We took off from Aflao border into Togo. With the little view i saw, Togo is really a nice place. Nice beaches and all that. Then with the passenger in the bus, we stared gisting among ourselves. Talking about hair and makeup hahaha I’m very sure maro sota was lost in that area. The driver played Nigerian movie to keep us entertained while we rode to the next border. Before long, we got to Togo-benin border. We were asked to come down from the bus for yellow card check of which if you don’t have you either pay 5ghc or 500 naira for it. After the check, we were told to walk a little distance from togo border into benin republic ( first time i walked from one country to another 😜) there i got a very nice dashiki material for 20ghc while at Aflao border the lady told me 45ghc for 6 yards. I got 6 yards of same material at togo border for 20ghc (how lovely🙂). We entered the bus, other passengers that were hungry went to buy food. This was about 11:25am. The delay at Togo/Benin border was about 10-15mins because of the passengers that went to get food. We kicked off nd continued our journey. By 1:27pm we were already at seme- Nigeria border. There, we were delayed for about 20-25mins in this border (una know na, anything that has Nigeria in it is always different. Lolz😂), traders were not much so the interest to buy things wasn’t there. After the check, we continued our journey. It wasn’t long before we finally entered lagos by 2:20pm. It took us almost an hour to get to the bus station with the traffic. I really had a wonderful experience traveling by road nd it’s something I would love to do again. You see all those airport wahala. I didn’t experience any. It was the conductor in the bus that was taking our passports from us to do our run around for us. All we did was sit, enjoy the AC nd watch the movie. It was really a nice experience. I’m glad i took the road trip instead.🤗

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27 thoughts on “My trip from Accra to Lagos by road using GUO public transport 

  1. link me up with how to board your transport service from Ibadan to Ghana since I am leaving Ibadan for Ghana on Tuesday.Thanks


  2. Hi dear..I have travelled before with ABC transport and it was a very long,boring and stressful journey. I want to try Guo this time. Was it a Luxurious Bus or the 18 sitter bus? Cos I have a some bags to carry.


    • Hi dear. I’m sorry about your past experience with the said transport. I have used the Luxurious Bus and also the 18 sitter. They are both comfortable and stress free. If you have more luggages then you should prepare some cedis to pay for excess. Enjoy your trip dear.


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