How i got over my EX boyfriend.

Few years ago, I was in love with a man I thought i could get to marry. We were in the midst of a rare moment of intimacy when I smiled at him, fully captivated by his charm.

From the moment we started connecting, the butterflies in me just couldn’t see us any way but together. Something about him was brilliantly different. He gave me a snuggling hug and told me I was lovely the first time we met, after dating for months online. His charm was palpable, and it grabbed me with the same kind of force I remembered coming under the spell of when we first met online, he wasn’t my first love, but i was crazy about this one and i didn’t want to let this one go. He had a big heart and a strong, handsome presence. I hadn’t been excited about anyone in years. In fact, I was a burned out dater who had lost hope of love.

I was so sure we were meant to be that I turned a blind eye to his bad habit of casually flirting with other ladies, or saying he would do things that never materialized. When we did actually spend time together it was more fun than I had with any other male friends. The fun of having him as mine made me forget the rollercoaster of disappointment I had chosen to board, until I was sitting in the front seat again with my heart aching. Even so, he continued to give me just enough to keep me chasing the fantasy that was us.

When we broke up, it was like a surprise dream i never expected to happen. At least not that soon. I felt broken that he could choose another girl over me knowing how much i love him in our few years together. i played deaf to all that was happening while i was dying inside. It felt so painful. I had this feeling that something really precious was taken away from me. I couldn’t move on, i started misbehaving and trying to fit into the world to draw back his attention. I slowly started to lose focus. It became all about him. It’s been 3yrs plus nd i have been stucked dreaming and wishing i could be his again.

Yes! I tried dating but it never worked out because i still took the love i had for my ex into the relationship. I tried all i could to forget him. My friends advice i take my mind off him but how do i when everyday i daydream about him. And i just hope it fades away. I won’t lie i knew he was not faithful from the start, what i felt for him was beyond sex so i manage to over look that and some little faults.

My pain now is, after 3 years I’m really just finding out the truth. You played me in more stupid way than i thought! What’s funny is that i feel content with and now you worth nothing to me anymore. So this is what it means to say “Time heals all wounds” well I’m done healing. If you just had your heart broken… Dont worry, all it takes is “TIME”

I’m open to new adventures and opportunities. Every girl deserve to be treated with love and respect.

There’s no magic in getting over your ex. It all has to do with you and your determination to let go and move on. I know it would hurt alot but give it time. You’ll be amazed at the silly things you whole heartedly cried for.

Model in photo : Andrea Obiazi

Photo taken by : Trimzphotography

Written by. : Andrea Obiazi


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